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Asked Questions

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How often do you update these Shopify coupons and deals?

We update our Shopify deals page with all the latest available Shopify coupons and promo deals from our partners. We also try to update any changes to the listings as soon as we are aware to bring you the best Shopify deals possible.

How do I use the listed promo codes and deals above?

Find the Shopify deals and promo codes listed above. Note that some apps don’t have any promo codes and you should use their direct link via our GET THIS DEAL buttons. For those who offer a promo code, please use the code at your checkout.

I have trouble using one of these codes?

Although the promo codes and deals are always up-to-date, you might experience a glitch while claiming these deals. In that case, please go to the chosen app’s website and then submit a support request.

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