• Visual Merchandising Gives You Full Control Of The Product Arrangement

    Pinup Girl Clothing is using this to rank and prioritize search results so that they can surface new or popular items easier for the customers.

    More sales are coming from top performing products as a result.

E-commerce Merchandising Helps You Make The Most Out Of Your Online Estate

Align The Product Order With Your Sale Strategies

  • Pin individual products on top of the listing page

    Shoppers pay more attention to these first positions so you stand high chance of getting more sales when pinning your best sellers or high margin products.

  • Boost the ranking of product groups automatically

    Based on product data (i.e: inventory, tag, metafields, vendor), you can set up boosting rules to promote highly profitable items, your in-house brands, or New Arrivals, etc.

  • Demote the underperformers further down on the product lists

    Out-of-stock and outdated items rarely help you seal a deal. Using attribute-based conditions to bury them at the bottom turns potential buyers’ focus to more profitable products.

  • Hide irrelevant & unwanted products from the customers' view

    The buying journey can be distracted by unwanted products like free gifts for a promotion campaign. Visual merchandising can hide individual products or a group of product by attribute.

Advanced Tool To Automate Online Merchandising For All Merchants

New to merchandising? A product tour can help

Our product tour is designed to help you not only understand how the feature works but also create simple rules to boost sales.

Watch live preview on every step you make

You can see how the product lists on your storefront change after applying the merchandising rule before publishing it.

Ready to work in a few minutes after publishing

Auto-syn runs for several minutes after clicking “Save & Publish” & you’ll be doing merchandising online. Turn it off with a toggle switch.

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