The Most Simple and Powerful Way
to filter products on Shopify store


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Powerful Shopify Product Filter & Search

Let your customers find exactly what they want by integrating Product Filter & Search into your Shopify store


Some great features of Product Filter & Search

With our advanced features, you'll fall in love with

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Finding the right product is easier than ever. Excellent UI and UX on all devices will help gain customers' preference and loyalty

High Performance

High Performance

Filter and search results return under 1 second for a store of 30,000 products

Diverse Features

Diverse Features

Faceted search with multiple filter options in multiple displays can make a huge impact in conversion and ease of use.

Effective Navigation

Effective Navigation

Support Parent - Sub Categories structure for easy and effective navigation.

High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Can be customized to match the current theme with frontend experts' support. No developer needed. 100% free of charge.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

Real-time update product, catalog and page information.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support

Talk to human. when ever you need a help or want to talk with us, we are happy only when you feel happy.

SEO & History State

SEO & History State

We create friendly URL to help improve SEO and customers can go back/forward easily

Filters you will get

For any plan, you will get all these filters and features

Collection Filter


Basic and most important filter, multi-levels collection filter helps your clients to find exactly what they want.

Vendor Filter


This filter helps your clients to reach products of their favorites brands in a fastest way, thus increase the conversion rate.

Product Type Filter

Product type

Filter product by type will help your customers reach the products they need easily.

Option (swatch) Filter

Option (swatch)

Our option filter with Swatch display helps you to filter options like Color, pattern in an effective way.

Option (box) Filter

Option (box)

We also support box display for option filter like Size, Width, Height so that shoppers can click easily.

Price Filter


Price slider filter helps your clients to find product matching their budget easily.

% Off Filter

% Off

Using % Off filter, your customers can find the best deals of your store with just a click.

Tag Filter


Beside product's attributes, we support using Tag to help you classify your products in a flexible way.

Transparent pricing. No surprises

14 Free Trial days. No risk. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Up to 1,000 products (Learn more)

(All features included)

Frequently Asked Questions
I have questions. How can I reach you?

You can send an email to or talk with us via our Chat Widget in the app from Monday to Friday.

Does the filter have to be on every collection pages?

No, you can choose which collection to display the filter.

I've modified a product but I haven't seen it applied yet, why?

When you make changes, these can take a while to be applied, especially if you have a large store. After 30 minutes, if they are not applied yet, you can do a Sync to re-sync all the store.

I changed my theme and my Filter is not working, what should I do?

Since we customise Product Filter to work specifically with the theme you were using when you installed our app, changing themes will break this customisation. If you’ve changed themes, please contact us at

How to display filter option values in a specific order?

You just need to use Manual values instead of All values, then input the values in your desired orders.

Can I have different filters on different collection pages?

Yes, you can.

For other questions, please visit our Help Center

The Most Simple & Yet Powerful Way
to filter products on Shopify store