• Collection and Search Analytics That Reveal How Customers Shop On Your Stores

    Data-driven insights about your customers' shopping behaviors through important site search analytics and reports for collection filter activities.

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    critical site search analytics and product filter reports

Important Analytics That Shows How Customers Use Collection Filters

Collection Analytics provides information and metrics of how your customers use the filter menus to browse products on certain categories and the whole sites. You could filter by collection or choose the date range to compare the data.

Top Interested Collections

The Total Filter Clicks report will let you know the interest of customers for a group of products during a period of time.

Top Interested Collections Analytics reveals The Total Shopify Product Filter Clicks

Combination of filter options

Thanks to the Top filter option value combinations report, you can see the trends of product browsing in each collection page.

Combination of product filtering analytics- it’s the Top filter option value combinations report, that shows the trends of shopify filter in each collection page.

Top Filter Option Values

You can have a deeper look into the demand of customers for specific attributes of products via this report.

Top Shopify Collection Filter Option Values shows a deeper look into the demand of customers for product variants

Get To Know Customer Demand Through Search Behaviours

Like Collection Analysis, the site search analytics provides the information on what customers are looking for and how they react to the search results.
  • Top search query report- Site Search Analytics

    What are customers' top search queries?

    The search query report shows a list of the keywords most entered by your customers. Through it, you will understand their demands and can offer them exactly what they need.
  • Top search terms with no result

    What customers' needs are you missing?

    More traffic but still no sales? Take a look at the list of top search terms with no result and find how many times your shoppers searched but no matching results. You'll be able to monitor and configure better search settings to enhance the shopping experience and convert those sales next time around.
    Top search terms with no result
  • number of clicks on the filter trees

    How do customers react to the search results?

    The number of clicks on the filter trees of the search results will show you if your products are drawing the attention of customers or not, plus what the most popular ones are.

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  • More Insights in site search analytics

    More Insights To Make The Right Decision

    Unlike normal site search analytics tools, Boost Product Filter & Search app records all the search activities of customers - even before hitting the search button and shows on your analytics page. Consequently, you can explore their hidden needs and plan one step ahead competitors.

    In addition, you can base on the report "Total sales generated by app" to measure the performance of the current app settings and compare with previous results to make adjustment if needed.

    More Insights in site search analytics

Use Data to Grow Sales in A Few Steps

From the data of filters and searches and you’ll know the desires of your customers. More importantly, you’ll find out which products will be the best sellers in the future. Use analytics data and optimize current filtering and search settings to improve your conversion rate. The following tools are great combinations if you use them right.

Use Synonym function

Create a list of keywords that customers search but that don’t offer any results, then add relevant ones.

Use Synonym function

Utilize Product Ranking Feature

Set the ranks of top-browsed products higher than others to make sure they are found easily when customers search or filter.

Utilize Product Ranking Feature

Make changes to Filter Settings

Re-arrange filter options or create more relevant filter values for customers to browse more easily based on their behaviors.

Make changes to Filter Settings
  • Need more powerful Analytics functions?

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