• Optimize Product Filter and Faceted Navigation To Drive More Sales

    Create product filter menu, design "refine by" options that match with your brand and more. Boost provides you with the ultimate solution that orientates shoppers to the exact products they want.

    Shopify product filter solution to grow sales
  • Unlimited filter trees for collections and search result pages

    Unlimited Filter Trees For Different Collections and Search Results

    Instead of using default Shopify filters, you can create different filter trees with all sorts of filter options to each collection page or search result page as you want.

    For example, you can have a filter by Size in your "Outerwear" collection or put a filter tree with "Brand" in your "Shoes" collection.

  • Various product filter options

    Create & Customize Filter Options Based On Product Data

    You are able to create dynamic filter options based on collections, product variants (size, color, etc), tags, ratings, price, % sale off, availability, and metafields.

    Boost Product Filter & Search also allows shoppers to select multiple filter values at once to pinpoint the products they want.

    Various product filter options

Diverse Product Filter Display Settings

You have all necessary tools to configure the look and feel of filter options:
Box, list, color swatch, range slider, and so on.
filter option display settings
Vertical and Horizontal
Shopify Product Filter layout
Make filter options collapsed, hidden or shown.
Show or hide any elements
Choose the font, size, color, style and have frontend preview.
filter value format

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Advanced Product Filtering Optimization

  • Merge Filter Value

    Merge Different Filter Values to One

    Eg: If we set the rule to merge Light Blue, Dark Blue to Blue, both dark blue and light blue products will be shown when customers select Blue in filter options.
  • Configure to Show More Filter Values

    Configure to Show More Filter Values

    You can limit the number of filter values that show up and how they are displayed.
  • Tooltips for filter options

    Show Tooltips for Filter Options

    Just switch on this function if you want to provide more details and explanations for each filter option
  • Filter manual sorting

    Sort Filter Values Manually

    Arrange the filter values in your own way manually adding, dragging, and dropping them to the list.

Product Listing Display Configuration

  • Availability filtering and merchandising

    Availability Filtering and Merchandising

    With this function, your store could show customers only available products. Besides, you can also set to display in-stock products first, out-of-stock products later, or vice versa.

    For example, if you have a shirt available in three sizes: S, M, L, and the size L is out of stock when your customer selects “Filter by” size L, this product will not be displayed.

    Availability filtering and merchandising
  • Pagination and sorting options

    Pagination and Sorting Options

    Boost Product Filter & Search app provides you with a variety of options for displaying the list of products when customers use the filter trees for browsing, from pagination, infinite loading to "show more".

    Boost also enables you to create sorting options so that customers can browse and choose products they want in a more convenient way.

  • Have a request for new product filter features?

    If your online store requires additional customization to make the app work as you require, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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