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Kingdom of White

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This case study delves into how Maui Divers Jewelry leverage Boost AI Search & Discovery and other stacks to enhance online customer experience. By implementing refined product filters and tailored site search, they significantly improve online sales.
This case study delves into how Özel Beslenme transformed its online search experience by implementing Boost AI Search & Discovery, setting a new benchmark in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Visual Editor in Boost is a helpful feature that empowers you to effortlessly design captivating Shopify filter tree layouts perfectly aligned with your store's branding and appearance

Check out this quick guide to showcase the highlight setups in Visual Editor, including the latest updates from Boost team.

Boost AI transformed Couture Candy's visual appeal with advanced merchandising tools. Custom filters, collection filters, and versatile options seamlessly integrated with the store's theme, crafting a tailored and visually pleasing customer experience
In August 2023 only, the overall conversion rate of Boost-related sessions was 3.53%, much higher than the average conversion rate for Shopify stores of 1.4%
With such a vast inventory, the online store of SES Direct requires an intuitive and user-friendly product filter and search app for Shopify stores to ensure their shoppers have a smooth experience on-site. That's why they use Boost AI Search & Discovery. Let's discover how the store amplifies online product discovery with Boost
In this article, Simon Large - eCommerce Manager of Kathryns’ retail outlet - will share more about how the online store saved well over £3,000 in development costs for an advanced search and discovery tool and gained £148,505.44 Sales generated by Boost in 2022.
Overdose has given Health Options a hand in rebuilding their theme, and Boost AI Search & Discovery (previously Boost Product Filter & Search) is proud to be one ingredient in this successful recipe.
With the help of Boost and other app solutions, Overdose has implemented an SEO and CRO strategy to increase traffic and conversions and executed various digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and engagement for Bata Singapore.
With the help of Overdose, Boost, and other apps, Salomon had had a relaunch to "allow greater flexibility in managing the site and better capacity in supporting marketing efforts".
Miolé Home, the #1 home textile retailer in Chile, has found a solution to serve senior shoppers better with the help of Boost Product Filter & Search app.
It's a pleasure for us to have a conversation with Arthur Chau from Sage and Paige team and discover how and why the Boost app helped to increase site search usage by 400% on their website.

Mark Laurie - the Brand Director - would love to share his experience with our app and how to Esports Gear has achieved a 29% increase in conversion rate since installing Boost Product Filter & Search.

From a successful brick-and-mortar chain, Dylan and his team opened an online business several years ago. The online store of The Mattress & Sleep Company has been using the Product Filter & Search app by Boost Commerce to solve some challenges of purchasing online and sealing more deals. 
We had a wonderful conversation with Protein Package's founder about how to utilize Product Filter & Search app by Boost Commerce to grow holiday sales. So far, the online store has witnessed an increase from 2.5% to 3.2% in conversion rate, equivalently around a £250,000 increase in sales over a year.
Boost Product Filter and Search is making up approximately 9% of Orka’s revenue from March to September. We have connected with ​​Morgan Moreira - eCommerce Marketing Manager of Rexel Canada, the company behind Orka, and got many interesting insights from him.
This is a huge win for our customers and our brand, as PFS makes the shopping experience much better for our shoppers. Thus, they can discover products and accessories to complete their outfits, and filter by size in stock to see only relevant products. We’ve seen an increase in sales in a way that matters to our brand - by fulfilling the needs of and delighting our customers.
The product filters backed by our app are making €6,400,000 in sales for Mobexpert. Miruna and the Mobexpert team are happy to share their secrets in using Boost Product Filter & Search so other online business owners can know how to utilize a third-party app for filtering and making great sales.
Let's see why and how Pro Photo Supply - a giant specialty photo retailer settled with the Product Filter & Search app on their digital transformation.

Custom Plugs are an online retailer of plugs & gauges, tunnels, body jewellery and more. They use Shopify for their online sales and have partnered up with Liquify Shopify Experts to help them with design, development and SEO.

Here Joe Dempsey from Liquify, explains why they used  Boost Product Filter & Search App for this project.

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