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All-in-one Product Recommendation

Enrich recommendations with the help of AI & machine learning to cover important customer touchpoints.
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Elevated profitability

Increase average order value

Upsell & grow your store's sales through smart recommendations. Boost has already generated over $16 billion in sales for 14,000+ brands.

Relevant recommendations in a few simple clicks

Elevate your Shopify product recommendation strategies with AI-powered widgets that enhance the relevance of recommended products.

You can also hand-pick products in the recommendation widgets on your Shopify store, allowing you to manually customize your recommendations.
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Personalized recommendations that resonate & convert

Utilize AI-powered personalized recommendations to suggest products to shoppers based on their past behaviors, interactions & preferences - all at the optimal time, thereby increasing CTR, CVR & driving sales.
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How AI-powered product recommendation works

Our AI models analyze product attributes, customer behavior, preferences, and past interactions to recommend "Frequently Bought Together" products and "Related Items".

These models are trained & evaluated continuously behind the scenes to present shoppers with items they are most likely to purchase. This ultimately helps grow sales whilst enhancing shopping experience.
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Fallback recommendation models

AI-powered product recommendations for Shopify stores typically require some time to process.

A secondary algorithm can maintain the functionality of the recommendation widgets if there isn't enough data. The AI-enhanced models will automatically deploy once they have gathered sufficient data from your customers.
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Drive profitability

Upsell & cross-sell through the customer journey

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Diverse strategies

Recommendation widgets

Enhance your Shopify store's performance & sell more with numerous product recommendation widgets.
Flexible customization

Tailor widgets to your store's requirements

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In-depth analytics

More insights, less guesswork

Our recommendation analytics examine various business aspects and reveal insights such as whether a specific recommendation strategy is effective or which type generates the most conversions.

See our platform in action

Discover how to use our AI-powered product recommendation feature, designed to guide your customers to the exact products they are looking for.
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Effective upselling

Achieve over a 20% uplift in AOV with Predictive Product Bundles

Target high-intent shoppers
Showcase appealing product bundles to customers based on their search terms. Personalization based on visitor preferences & past behavior is coming soon.
Amplify bundle visibility
Display bundle widgets in instant search & key areas of the store. Incentivize customers to buy more by highlighting discounts.
Enhance shopping experience
Facilitate the discovery of better-priced options with product bundles, thereby improving the customer shopping experience.
Why use Boost

Excellent experience is our priority

Our in-depth integration with Shopify offers a top-tier search experience for merchants aiming to scale their Shopify stores, improve conversion rates & increase sales.

Built for growth

With our extensive experience, we are the ideal partner for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, offering AI-driven solutions for search, personalization, and product recommendations to boost sales and grow your brand globally.


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Our people make all the difference

Our team builds solutions enhancing your site's product search & discovery while also providing exceptional customer support to achieve results quickly & effortlessly.

Your success partner

Focus on running your business while we support you with dedication & innovative solutions to optimize your store's conversions.

Top-rated expert support

Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless setup process & is always available to help you & answer your questions.

Ahead in innovation

Through ongoing learning, our AI maintains its leading role in Shopify search, personalization & product recommendation.