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Intelligent Personalization

Achieve precise customer targeting with AI-powered personalization, delivering tailored search results for customers.
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Enhanced experience, more sales

Delight every customer & sell more

Personalized shopping experiences result in higher conversion rates. Boost has already generated over $16 billion in sales for 14,000+ brands.

Personalized search experience

Leverage AI to deliver personalized product suggestions to your visitors based on their past behavior, interactions, and preferences.
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Right product, every time

Tailor your recommendations to each customer instead of suggesting what’s popular. Boost AI uses customers' search, browsing, and purchase history to recommend products they'll love.
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How it works

Personalize shopping experiences

Collect user data, track their behavior, segment customers & automatically tailor their search results as well as product suggestions to optimize sales potential.


Advanced AI capabilities

Learn about the power of our AI-driven search and product discovery features, designed to improve your customer shopping experience & grow your business.

Semantic search

Provides seamless shopping experiences through smart search that interprets search queries' context & understands intent.

Lexical search

Enables users to discover what they are looking for with a versatile search engine that supports specific keyword searches & accommodates typographical errors.

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AI synonyms

Analyzes search queries for related terms & synonyms to return faster & more accurate search results.

AI suggestions

Automatically recommends products tailored to customers' preferences & search intent thereby increasing conversion & AOV.

Product re-ranking

Automatically optimize merchandising & display products that are most likely to convert & drive sales.


Improve UX & conversion rates by showing personalized products that reflect customers' preferences.

AI recommendations

Cross-sell or upsell to increase AOV through effective AI-powered product recommendation techniques.

Name entity recognition

Extract product attributes from search queries to deliver more accurate, relevant & faster results.

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Key benefits

Why personalization is important

Target users
Optimize the shopping experience by presenting users with tailored results.
Enhance product discoverability
Guide users to products tailored to their preferences. Increase sales by upselling & cross-selling products.
Gain loyal customers
Ensure a pleasant shopping experience to increase repeat customers & reduce churn.
Boost Search & Discovery minimizes:
Irrelevant & slow searches
Visitors browsing without buying
Frustrated visitors leaving your store
Lost sales opportunities
High-cost team needed to manage search
Costs of AI operations
High costs of customer retention
Limits on store growth potential
Boost Search & Discovery delivers:
Hyper-relevant search results
Tailored customer shopping journeys
More engage visitors & satisfying experience
Elevated conversion rates & upsell opportunities
Cost-effective personalization solution
Lower costs associated with AI usage
Time & effort savings related to customer retention
Acceleration in revenue growth
Case Studies

Fast-growing merchants utilize Boost

Learn how Boost Search & Product Discovery has helped thousands of businesses increase their AOV, boost sales & propel growth.

Maui Divers Jewelry

Maui Divers Jewelry got 700+ orders and 1M+ revenue within 90 days.

Özel Beslenme

Özel Beslenme achieved a 50% increase in AOV and 34,000+ searches with Boost.


Orka's site searches powered by Boost converted 6 times better than before.

Tapered Menswear

Tapered Menswear’s overall conversion rate increased by 3.53% in just one month.

Couture Candy

Couture Candy experienced an increase of 22% in search's conversion rate.

SES Direct

SES Direct got a boost of $280K increase in sales in 3 months.

See our platform in action

Explore the capabilities of our AI-driven search tools, crafted to interpret customer search queries and provide precise personalized results and recommendations.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about using Boost to personalize shopping experiences for your customers.
How secure are my store data and customer privacy with Boost?

We prioritize data privacy. Your store data and customer information are anonymized and used solely to enhance your search and recommendation experience.

Will personalized search and recommendations slow down my store?

Not at all! Our AI is designed for efficiency. Your store users will experience faster searches and more relevant results, boosting customer experience.

How easy is it to use Boost's AI personalization?

Boost is designed for user-friendliness. Even without technical expertise, you can set up personalized search and recommendation using our intuitive settings and straightforward interface.

Can Boost's AI track and adapt to real-time user interaction?

Yes! A core strength of Boost is its ability to adapt search results and recommendations based on a user's ongoing behavior on your store. This ensures personalization is dynamic and reflects current interests.

Does Boost's AI personalization work on all devices?

Yes! No matter the device (mobile, tablet, or desktop), Boost recognizes customers and preferences, ensuring a seamless personalized search experience.

How quickly can you get up and running with Boost?

While each store is unique, Boost installation and onboarding can often be completed within 24 hours.

How much data does Boost AI need?

While more data is naturally beneficial, Boost AI can leverage any available data to improve your shopper experience. Even if you're starting out, it's never too early to personalize!

How can I calculate the return on investment (ROI) with Boost?

Boost empowers data-driven decisions with detailed analytics on user behavior, search patterns, and engagement. Our thorough and accessible reports in the Analytics feature help you refine marketing and product strategies for maximum impact.

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Why use Boost

Excellent experience is our priority

Our in-depth integration with Shopify offers a top-tier search experience for merchants aiming to scale their Shopify stores, improve conversion rates & increase sales.

Built for growth

With our extensive experience, we are the ideal partner for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, offering AI-driven solutions for search, personalization, and product recommendations to boost sales and grow your brand globally.


Expand Boost's functionality with leading page & app builders, multi-currency apps, product review & UGC apps. Leverage over 30 integrations to supercharge your conversion-boosting strategies.

Boost’s support is second to none. All matters are handled quickly with genuine fixes instead of half-hearted workarounds you get from many other businesses that list Shopify apps.

George Greenhill

We decided to use PFS because of the amount of shops that you worked with before us, because of the experience that you already had. Also, your support is very important and we are impressed with your quick solutions.

Miruna Mitu

We did a lot of research on this. We read tons of reviews from actual app users, tons of comments about one vs another, and we also tested quite a few. We found Product Filter & Search to be the most powerful and flexible of all.

Morgan Moreira

Our people make all the difference

Our team builds solutions enhancing your site's product search & discovery while also providing exceptional customer support to achieve results quickly & effortlessly.

Your success partner

Focus on running your business while we support you with dedication & innovative solutions to optimize your store's conversions.

Top-rated expert support

Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless setup process & is always available to help you & answer your questions.

Ahead in innovation

Through ongoing learning, our AI maintains its leading role in Shopify search, personalization & product recommendation.