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Fast & Accurate Search with AI

Instant, well-matched search results to enhance shoppers' experiences & propel your store's sales.
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Elevated profitability

Maximize your growth

Our app delivers up to a 50% return on investment & has already generated over $16 billion in sales for 14,000+ brands.

Smarter Shopify search

Named Entity Recognition extracts distinct named entities such as names, brands & options from queries, thereby enhancing the speed & accuracy of AI-driven search results.

AI Synonym Detection allows shoppers to search in their preferred language & find the desired results.

Semantic Search analyzes words & their relationships to interpret search context & intent, thus enhancing relevancy & shopping experience.
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Personalized shopping experience for every customer

Boost AI tailors product search results for each visitor by analyzing their past behaviors, interactions & preferences, offering relevant product suggestions that enhance user engagement & drive sales.
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Conventional vs Semantic search

The keyword matching methods used by traditional search engines are inadequate for complex searches.

Semantic search leverages contextual matching to enhance the accuracy and relevance of search results, particularly for long-tail keywords.
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Enhanced precision with Searchable Properties

Our advanced Shopify Search & Discovery app allows merchants to customize the search weight for specific fields within a query, thus enhancing accuracy. Merchants can search by Metafields to delve deeper into their search results.

For example, excessive content in product descriptions can skew search results. Our app enables you to assign a lower search weight or make the field non-searchable.
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Superior search

Handle complex search terms

Our app helps you effortlessly minimize the pain points associated with complex search queries.
Why Boost

Excellent experience is our priority

Our in-depth integration with Shopify offers a top-tier search experience for merchants aiming to scale their Shopify stores, improve conversion rates & increase sales.

Search in collection

Boost's powerful search engine simplifies the process of finding personalized items from your product collections, catering specifically to customer intent & preferences.

Search in popup

Instantly draw searchers' attention to popular search terms, best-selling products or the latest arrivals by displaying them in a popup when shoppers interact with the search field.

Preview customizations

Modify the search widget's design & functionality to meet your needs. Effortlessly preview & review its behavior.

See our platform in action

Discover how to use our AI-powered search tools, designed to understand your queries and deliver accurate results, suggestions, and alternatives, reducing 'no results found' issues.
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Transform Shopify Search with Boost AI Search & Discovery

The default search bar in Shopify is inefficient, leading to a subpar customer experience and missed sales opportunities.

The Boost Search & Discovery app, equipped with advanced algorithms & AI technology, elevates your site's performance in converting visitors into buyers. Upgrade your Shopify product search today to reap the rewards.
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Effective upselling

Achieve over a 20% uplift in AOV with Predictive Product Bundles

Target high-intent shoppers
Showcase appealing product bundles to customers based on their search terms. Personalization based on visitor preferences & past behavior is coming soon.
Amplify bundle visibility
Display bundle widgets in instant search & key areas of the store. Incentivize customers to buy more by highlighting discounts.
Enhance shopping experience
Facilitate the discovery of better-priced options with product bundles, thereby improving the customer shopping experience.

The instant search is crazy fast and very user friendly. The support we received from Boost team is great, very responsive, they helped me configure everything.

Healthland Co.

Really wonderful app that has helped to change the way our website & search bar functions. This app has made a fundamental difference for us.

Buy Wines Online

Quick to help with support and very professional. Their search functionality also allows for synonyms. Definitely easier to use than the Shopify Search App.

Maui Divers Jewelry

Our people make all the difference

Our team builds solutions enhancing your site's product search & discovery while also providing exceptional customer support to achieve results quickly & effortlessly.

Your success partner

Focus on running your business while we support you with dedication & innovative solutions to optimize your store's conversions.

Top-rated expert support

Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless setup process & is always available to help you & answer your questions.

Ahead in innovation

Through ongoing learning, our AI maintains its leading role in Shopify search, personalization & product recommendation.