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  • Shopify Smart search app that show instant search results in milliseconds.

    Show Instant Search Results

    Within Milliseconds

    Speed is a key factor in creating a better shopping experience. With Boost, your store will show instant search results, as well as suggestions. It will do this in less than 200ms for up to 100,000 products. As a result, lightning-fast speed shopify search box will bump up your store's SEO ranking.

    Don’t worry if you have up to a million products, as Boost ensures seamless indexing from your store regardless of the number of products thanks to automatic real-time crawling and synchronization.

  • Full text and fuzzy search support

    Full Text and Fuzzy Site Search Support Throughout the Store

    Our blazing-fast app will perform a deep data crawl and product search by tags, product titles, vendors, types, SKUs, metafields, and more to return exactly what shoppers want to buy.

    You can easily arrange product previews with all the necessary information by dragging and dropping, allowing you to shorten the time it takes for customers to find the product they want.

    Full text and fuzzy search support

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  • Smart Site Search As-You-Type Suggestion With Spell Check

    Smart Search As You Type With Spell Check & Typo Tolerance

    Spell-check keeps your store user-friendly and saves time. For example, if a customer types 'shift' instead of ‘shirt’ by mistake, the app will auto-suggest 'shirt' and display relevant products related to shirts.

    Even when customers type the wrong-spelled keywords and enter, the search results still show the relevant items thanks to Typo Tolerance function.

Promote Specific Items Through Site Search Box

  • Search suggestion to promote products even without results

    Search Suggestion Dictionary

    If you want to push the sales of an item, for example, 'Red Top', you can add its name to the site search suggestion dictionary and set its priority to 'High'.

    When customers search for the keyword 'Top', they will see the Popular Suggestion section with 'Red Top' as the first item and more likely to click it.

    Search suggestion to promote products even without results
  • Cross-selling products with Shopify product search feature- Search redirects

    Search Redirects

    Boost also provides search redirects - a setting that allows shoppers to immediately access a specific page right when they type keywords and hit “enter". It could be utilized for cross-selling, up-selling, and promoting a campaign.

Deliver More Relevant Site Search Results with Synonym List

  • site search synonym list
    Boost Product Filter & Search allows you to create a list of frequently searched keywords that are unavailable in searchable data and show the results of their synonyms instead.
  • site search synonym list frontend
    For instance, "beachwear" is not in the data of the store, but it is the synonym of "bikini". When you add "beachwear" to the Synonym list of "bikini", shoppers can find all relevant products with keywords related to swimsuits.
  • Search suggestion for No results case

    Turn “No Results” Into Sales with Smart Site Search Suggestion Feature

    The "no-result" problem will no longer be troublesome. Now you can activate search term suggestions and product suggestions to suggest more products to customers through Popular Searches and Trending Products.
    Search suggestion for No results case
  • Shopify Search app Function | Stop Words

    Filter Irrelevant Keywords from Search with Stop Words

    Use Stop Word function when you need to remove unimportant words from your customers' search terms to get a more relevant search result. Words added to the ‘stop words’ list will be filtered out during the search.

    This feature will help the site search engine focus more on the important terms, delivering faster results, and helping customers find exactly what they want.

  • Need More Powerful Shopify Search Functions?

    If your online store requires additional customization to make the app work as you require, feel free to contact us for a quote. Our team of expert developers will work with you until our app works as you wish.

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