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Set Up Rules For eCommerce Merchandising

Create your own conditions based on the attributes of products for quick and easy promotion campaigns, aligning with your business strategy.

Choose to promote a specific collection

Depending on the demand of customers or the strategy of the current time, you could choose one or several collections for one rule.

Choose to promote a specific collection

Use any attributes for rule setting

From price, title, type, to vendor, inventory status, tag and the publish or added date

Use any attributes for rule setting

Drag and drop to set priority for a rule

In the list of all merchandising rules, the higher position, the more priority this rule will be applied.

priority rule for merchandising

Promote Specific Products In Search Results

Promote Specific Products In Search Results

You could change the product ranking in the search result to promote and increase the visibility of particular items.

For example, by default, when customers search for Hat, the product Blue Hat will be shown first and Red Hat will be shown last. However, if you want to show Red Hat first, simply change the ranking of Red Hat and Blue Hat.

  • set the date for product ranking

    Set a date for the promotion

    Boost allows you to select the date range for a single product ranking rule so that you can adjust it to your marketing plan.
  • keyword matching for product ranking

    Ranking based on keyword matching

    Based on the options that you choose, you can define when your products could be prioritized.

    “Always prioritized" means that products will be put first no matter what keywords are searched.

    If you want them to be on top when people search for certain keywords, just select "Keyword search".

    And "Matched search" will prioritize these products whenever customers search for a relevant phrase.

    keyword matching for product ranking
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