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Partner Introduction:

Partner Introduction:

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Boost AI Search & Discovery (previously known as Boost Product Filter & Search) is now integrated with the Product Review app. Check it out! 

About Product Reviews is a fully-featured review app that helps store owners collect and showcase star ratings and product reviews. Social proof from authentic feedback and relevant user-generated content, for example, images and videos, will help you drive more organic traffic, enhance consumer engagement, and boost sales. Here are some notable features for Shopify merchants to leverage your business:

  1. Automatic review requests. This function is available on marketing channels, including emails, web, push, and SMS. 
  2. Show your reviews everywhere on your website with the review widget, reviews carousel, and Facebook review tabs. Plus, it is easy to customize the look and feel of widgets to match your branding perfectly. 
  3. Allow verified buyers to show photos and videos in their reviews. 
  4. Build FAQs with a Q&A section on the product page. 
  5. Complete control to display and filter reviews simultaneously.

How This Integration Empowers Your eCommerce Store

With this integration, you can now collect and display product ratings/reviews anywhere during navigation time. Also, has an exclusive offer for Boost Commerce customers - a 45-day trial - so install now!

But first, let’s see why online reviews matter in the eCommerce world. In fact, over 90% of customers read online opinions, and about 84% trust them as a personal recommendation.

‘The purchase likelihood for products with five reviews is 270% greater than those without reviews.’ - Medill Spiegel Research Center

Aside from driving sales, this kind of social proof helps you increase brand awareness, and builds trust. Plus, it might impact your SEO efforts through fresh content generated by users, and your site's authority, which could boost your rankings in SERPs. That’s why you need a third-party app to maximize the benefits of online reviews.

customer reviews on real store | boost product filter and search | average rating filter option

Reading feedback that indicates great product quality and customer services will benefit your public reputation. (Source: Rug Emporium)

To help you make the most of your online storefront with feedback from your valuable customers, Boost has brought out integration with the Product Reviews app. The official partnership means our developers have worked hand in hand to avoid code conflict, and resolve issues faster. Thus, the whole integration process is totally automatic with just a few clicks, and no coding skills required.

Another plus is that you can add product reviews as a filter and sorting option right after the auto-process finishes. Sort by options allows your customers to rearrange the search results or product list of a collection to view them in their preferred order.

Note: If you use product reviews apps that are not in partnership with Boost, you will have to use our Metafields feature to create a filter option from product ratings in the filter tree. For more details, please visit our Help Center.

What's Next?

If you are considering a product reviews app to boost sales, is worth a try. Follow these steps to auto-integrate with 

  1. Go to Product Filter & Search > Tool > Integration.
  2. Switch on the integration toggle > Confirm acknowledgment that the process will replace old integration data of other product reviews apps (if any) for the newly selected app data on all themes that are using Boost filter and search.
judge me auto integration

After the sync ends, the product reviews/ratings for product items are automatically enabled. By default, star ratings are under product titles.

star rating in real store

(Source: VikleLiv

In case you want to use review ratings as a filter option, please:

  1. Go to Product Filter & Search > Filter > Manage filter trees.
  2. Choose a filter tree that you would like to edit > +Add filter option > Option type > Review ratings > Save.
build a filter option by reviews/ratings

Also, it is easy for you to customize the look and feel of the widget to match your brand perfectly. To be more specific, you can change how to display star ratings, star badge color, and the style associated with your theme.

set up rating on boost product filter and search

Many consumers rely on ratings as a proxy to find ‘value for money’ items from a product list, especially shoppers who are not familiar with the category. Hence, the user rating filter is a feature that e-merchants should include in their filter tree. As mentioned above, our Sort by options allows you to change the label, and rearrange the product order by review ratings, so consumers can narrow down the list to highly-rated items. 

sort by option based on review rating

However, if you would like to customize their position or translate the label, please contact us or follow these instructions

Boost Product Filter and Search is automatically integrated with, so go ahead and enjoy your exclusive 45-day trial. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest updates. 


CiCi Nguyen
Content Specialist
Cici is a Content Specialist at Boost Commerce. She loves doing research and writing to share helpful information with readers. Outside of work, she is a food lover and passionate about cooking and reading comics.
Cici is a Content Specialist at Boost Commerce. She loves doing research and writing to share helpful information with readers. Outside of work, she is a food lover and passionate about cooking and reading comics.