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5 Best Tools That Help You Manage And Monitor Your Remote Workforce

5 Best Tools That Help You Manage And Monitor Your Remote Workforce

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2020 is the year that will remain forever in our minds. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is everlasting. All over the world, its effects are seen. Every individual is trying to get out of it, but it needs much patience and time.  Moreover, this case is true for the business world as they entirely shifted to a new working model. Welcoming this ‘new norm’ is not easy for any organization, especially those who are not adept at using digital systems in their firms. And the major headache all business owners are coming across is their employees’ monitoring.

remote workforce management

When they perform their work on the office premises, it is easy to keep an eye on their work. But now, while working, sitting a long-distance away makes this process difficult. The remote working model is here to stay for a longer span in some way or another.

Therefore, all companies have to look for a solution that rightly helps track the workers as their performance is directly linked with the outcomes. So the better they work, the better you can have a growing graph for your company.

The best way to track your employees’ activities while they’re working from home is by using an employee monitoring tool. Such software provides you with in-depth details about their work and progress which is your ideal desire to have while working remotely. 

Ready to know about the top work monitoring solutions? I think the answer is YES. Before we jump into the tools, let’s get an overview of their benefits.

Advantages Of Monitoring Remote Work 

It is always better to gain knowledge about the necessity of tools before you use them... To help you pick the best monitoring tool for your organization, check out the advantages they are able to bring: 

  • They reduce your efforts to note the activities performed by the workers manually.
  • Employees will have a clear idea about their work and feel motivated to perform well.
  • You can accurately assess the output of work performed by the employees.
  • You can well align the work performed and the project timeline.
  • They allow you to provide authentic feedback by analyzing your employees’ performance.
  • Speedily catches your attention to the errors workers encounter in completing their tasks. 
  • Acts as a good source for record-keeping.
  • They help you keep an eye on the company’s assets used by workers.
remote workforce management

(Source: Digital Skynet Corp.)

The remote monitoring tools become a prerequisite when implementing work from home, as it organizes the work and lessen the chances of miscommunication between employee and employer. The above picture shows how 72% of employees are productive with work-from-home training with other benefits.

After referring to the above points, do you now value the importance of having a proper remote monitoring solution? I guess the answer is yes! 

Top Remote Work Monitoring Tools For Your Business 

remote workforce management

(Source: McKinsey)

Use the best remote work monitoring system to keep proper track of your employees and get the know-how on they perform their jobs. And it is high time to do so because, as per Gartner’s report, about 41% of employees think of working remotely in the post-pandemic scenario. With this in mind, a large number of organizations were preparing to adopt digitalization in their company.

As shown in the figure, about 85% of the companies focus on their employees. To make that process more meaningful and precise, use the right tool to keep note of your workers' tasks. It will give you the exact details about their progress and the respective time taken. 

Monitoring tools can help you stay on top of your employees’ tasks and ensure they are performing productively. With this in mind, let’s look into the top six monitoring solutions.

1. ClickTime

ClickTime is the time tracking solution for your remote employees. It helps you to remain connected with them regardless of their location. Clicktime provides real-time visibility from the time workers log in to complete their tasks. This tool provides 70+ reports so you can have a better and bigger picture of your workforce’s output. This includes project details, tasks, profitability, worker productivity, and performance. 

Clicktime provides a centralized dashboard where you can look at all the ongoing tasks and their respective deadlines. In addition, the application is accessible from any device like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Having such a system in your organization will bring more effectiveness to the overall project. Also, to ensure that you do not miss any details, ClickTime has a notification feature so you can get information about the project’s progress. This tool also shows which individual is free to work on a new project. By knowing so, you can quickly assign the task to them, allowing you to bring more efficiency to your projects overall. In addition, this will help you know about the functions performed by the remote teams.  

2. factoHR

Keeping employees productive is a crucial task of every company, especially in the remote working model. Starting from taking a note about the workers’ attendance to their performance, everything is handled using factoHR’s remote employee monitoring solution. This tool provides a facial recognition attendance feature to let the workers mark their presence hassle-free. 

There’s also a timesheet that provides many features as listed below-

  • It gives access to the employees to enter the time taken to complete a particular task.
  • You can get project reports on a daily basis as well as employee ones. 
  • Allows you to measure the cost and respective profit of the projects.
  • Provides geo-fencing functionality to restrict the area of punching.
  • It has a geo-tracking feature to keep track of the on-field workers.
  • Allows employees to mark their attendance using smartphones. 
  • You can segment out the productive and non-productive workers based on the usability of the time.

All these features together help you know about the employees' overall work. Such precise detailing is always desirable and necessary in the WFH model.

3. Timeneye

To maintain connectivity between your distributed team, you can use the Timeneye tool. Timeneye is a time tracking solution that assists  your team in completing the project on time in the most effective manner. It will help you stick to the budgets, track time, identify the top profitable projects, and measure the KPI aspects.

It provides a calendar view so you can easily visualize the progress of each project. It makes employees reporting more clever by enabling the facility of automated reports, email reminders, and alerts. It gives you relief from the major headache that every company comes across. It is none other than data storage. Here, the cloud is the only source of storage. This facility ensures both safe storage and accessibility of all the information.  

By using this tool, you will come to know about the areas that are consuming employees’ time. Furthermore, it will help you to understand the reasons behind it. By doing so, employees will get relief if they are getting overloaded with work or receive the feedback necessary to improve their performance. Also, it is completely integrable with other tools like Basecamp and Google Calendar

4. RemoteDesk 

RemoteDesk is a desktop monitoring tool that performs tracking in real-time. It is an intelligent work monitoring tool for handling your teams as this tool uses AI technology. It monitors employees’ work by taking screenshots, URL tracking, recording keystrokes, etc.

This tool will let you know about all the actions performed by the workforce. It includes what work they are performing, which links they are opening, and the applications they are viewing. Also, the reports provided by RemoteDesk give you a complete idea about the productive and unproductive periods of your employees.

RemoteDesk is an effective solution that identifies all the issues in the workflow and tries to smoothen them out by increasing workforce productivity. One key feature of this tool is security. It has the capabilities to scan and detect access to unauthorized apps. RemoteDesk can also identify malware and viruses, restricting usage if it is found. Such a facility gives you a secured environment where you can avoid cases of data breaches. 

Thus, you can consider this tool a complete package that monitors the employees and takes care of data. This is indeed a prime requirement of every business that gets fulfilled here.

5. Teramind   

Next on the list of best work monitoring solutions, we have Teramind. This tool supports both online and offline tracking of employees’ work progress. It is a great tool for keeping an eye on productivity and security. You can ask the system to send automatic alerts when an employee becomes idle. Doing so will take your attention towards such cases and will assist in reducing times of unproductivity. 

Such functionality helps you provide real-time feedback to your employees, leading them to productive outputs. Its activity-tracking feature covers 12+ system objects like web, files, emails, app, and on-screen content, making employee monitoring more worthwhile. 

Here, one of your potent wishes comes true. Wondering what I am talking about? It is the actual visualization of your employees’ work. With other tools, you get screenshots and details of the work they perform. But here, with this tool, you can see their tasks live. This allows you to have a detailed view of their work. With this functionality, you can give the right feedback about their performance, and you can even restrict some areas that are time-consuming and unproductive. 

Final Thoughts

Here we reach the end of the article. I hope now you understand the importance and necessity of having a remote work monitoring solution for this new normal working environment. 

The tools for keeping track of the remote workers will not only let you know about their work but also help increase their productivity. Having such a tool will make the employees more focused on their work, bringing more qualitative output. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best remote monitoring tool and begin your productive journey now.


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